Abdominoplasty, a surgical procedure more informally known as a tummy tuck, can smooth a patient’s midsection to improve the appearance of a protruding abdomen. Because this surgical approach can address lax skin and overstretched muscle in addition to removing excess fatty tissue, it can be particularly well-suited for patients who cannot be helped by liposuction, such as those who have experienced multiple pregnancies or significant weight loss. The best way to find out if a tummy tuck is appropriate is to consult with a qualified, Board-certified surgeon. One such surgeon is Dr. Daniel Greenwald at Bayshore Plastic Surgery, who performs abdominoplasty and other cosmetic procedures for patients in Tampa, FL.

To determine whether a patient can benefit from abdominoplasty, Dr. Greenwald generally assesses:

  • The patient’s overall health and wellness
  • The degree of skin elasticity in the patient’s midsection
  • The level of abdominal muscle laxity
  • The amount of belly fat

For instance, Dr. Greenwald might recommend abdominoplasty for a patient who has experienced one or more pregnancies (and has completed her childbearing), or a patient who has lost a significant amount of weight (and has achieved a healthy, stable body weight).

After confirming that a tummy tuck is appropriate for a patient, Dr. Greenwald can artfully perform abdominoplasty to create a flatter stomach and sleeker silhouette. To do so, Dr. Greenwald will typically:

  • Make a horizontal incision directly above the pelvic area
  • Tighten lax abdominal skin and trim away the excess, along with any fat that is attached to the underside of the skin
  • Tighten overstretched or weakened abdominal muscles
  • If necessary (due to the amount of excess skin removed), create a second incision to reposition the navel

An abdominoplasty scar is typically located just above the pubic area; as such, it can often be concealed under a bathing suit bottom.

If you’re in the Tampa, Florida, area and would like to meet with Dr. Greenwald to find out if you could benefit from abdominoplasty, call Bayshore Plastic Surgery at 1-888-840-3199 to schedule an appointment today.