African American rhinoplasty is a term used to refer to a popular cosmetic procedure that specifically takes into account a patient’s desire to preserve certain distinct ethnic features while enhancing the nasal structure. Such enhancements might be performed to achieve aesthetic objectives or to correct health-related conditions, such as a deviated septum. A skilled and experienced cosmetic surgeon like Dr. Joseph M. Brown of Bayshore Plastic Surgery in Tampa, Florida, can operate with the level of precision and attention to detail necessary to significantly alter the appearance or function of a nose without erasing the cultural characteristics that are so precious to a patient’s identity.

There is no “typical” African American nose; rather, similar to the Caucasian nose, the structure and appearance of the African American nose can vary greatly, and there is a diverse array of beauty among the population. Because the nose is a prominent and defining feature of the face, a slight alteration can produce striking results. A patient might seek African American rhinoplasty in Tampa, FL, with a desire to:

  • Balance a wide nose to achieve better facial harmony
  • Narrow the nostrils or tip
  • Downplay the nose in order to direct attention to other facial features

When considering African American rhinoplasty, a patient should work with a surgeon who is not only experienced and technically proficient, but also has an appreciation for African American beauty. In general, overly dramatic changes tend to result in poor aesthetic outcomes, and this holds true for all types of cosmetic procedures. As such, a “less is more” approach is usually best. Following their rhinoplasty procedures, Dr. Joseph M. Brown’s patients look like themselves, but have better facial symmetry – regardless of their ethnicity.

With all of this said, Dr. Joseph M. Brown’s philosophy is that there is really no such thing as “African American rhinoplasty,” just as there is no such thing as “Caucasian rhinoplasty.” Instead, a rhinoplasty should be a subtle procedure that is carefully tailored to the individual, regardless of his or her race, to achieve aesthetic harmony or improved function that is line with the patient’s expectations, overall appearance, and cultural heritage.

Prospective patients who would like to consult with Dr. Joseph M. Brown about African American rhinoplasty can contact Bayshore Plastic Surgery at 813-774-5733 to schedule a personal appointment.