The arm lift recovery that a patient experiences can vary based on the surgical technique used, as well as other factors that are unique to the patient. Additionally, some patients choose to have arm lift surgery performed as part of a comprehensive treatment plan that not only addresses flabby arms, but also includes one or more other procedures, such as a face lift, breast enhancement, or tummy tuck. If you’re considering an arm lift on its own or in conjunction with another cosmetic procedure, you can get the information and answers you need from Dr. Daniel Greenwald, a Board-certified plastic surgeon at Bayshore Plastic Surgery in Tampa, FL. Dr. Greenwald can provide personalized advice and guidance to ensure the best possible surgical experience, arm lift recovery, and outcome for you.

You’ll feel comfortable entrusting your care to Dr. Greenwald, who is recognized as one of the Best Doctors in America by the Consumers’ Research Council of America. A highly experienced plastic surgeon who emphasizes a personalized patient experience, Dr. Greenwald has performed thousands of successful arm lifts and other cosmetic procedures for patients throughout the Tampa, FL, area.

With regard to postsurgical recovery, it’s important to note that every patient heals at a different rate. When you meet with Dr. Greenwald for an initial consultation, he will review your medical history, discuss your aesthetic goals, and create your personal treatment plan. He will also explain in detail what you might expect during your arm lift recovery period, and provide specific instructions on how to properly care for your surgical sites. In general, many patients find it helpful to:

  • Take approximately one week off from work and other obligations to rest and recover
  • Wear a specially designed compression garment to minimize swelling and provide support for healing tissues
  • Keep their arms elevated with pillows to reduce swelling
  • Avoid lifting and other strenuous activities for several weeks to minimize the risk of post-operative complications, such as bleeding and bruising
  • Take short walks frequently to increase blood circulation throughout the body, which can promote healing

Of course, the pain one might experience after the procedure is very subjective, and every individual has a different tolerance level. During arm lift recovery, most patients are able to manage their discomfort with over-the-counter or prescription pain relievers. Oftentimes, the discomfort resolves within seven to ten days following surgery.

Patients in the Tampa, Florida, area who are interested in learning more about arm lift surgery and recovery can call Bayshore Plastic Surgery at 1-888-840-3199.