Dr. Daniel Greenwald’s Brazilian butt lift before and after portfolio is an excellent tool that he uses to help prospective patients understand exactly what the procedure can and cannot accomplish, and decide whether it is right for them. A Board-certified plastic surgeon who founded Bayshore Plastic Surgery in Tampa, FL, in 1998, Dr. Greenwald is consistently named one of the Best Doctors in Tampa Bay, as well as one of the Best Doctors in America. With extensive experience in performing Brazilian butt lift surgery and other cosmetic procedures, he has earned an outstanding reputation as a plastic surgeon, and he is dedicated to providing an individualized patient experience.

As illustrated in Dr. Greenwald’s before and after photos, the gluteal area can sometimes appear flat and saggy prior to surgery. This can be attributed to a number of factors, including skin laxity, weak muscles, gravitational forces, weight fluctuations, and genetics. Some people prefer the appearance of a rounder and shapelier derriere, which may be achievable through a Brazilian butt lift. During a personal consultation with Dr. Greenwald at his office in Tampa, FL, he can use his portfolio as a reference point to discuss a patient’s concerns and goals, and determine whether surgery would be a feasible option to accomplish them.

In general, Dr. Greenwald’s Brazilian butt lift before and after images show that good candidates for the procedure:

  • Have isolated pockets of excess fat that can be removed through liposuction
  • Are slightly overweight and do not plan to lose weight after the procedure
  • Are not concerned with addressing cellulite
  • Do not have excess hanging skin in the gluteal area
  • Have realistic expectations
  • Are generally healthy (both physically and mentally)
  • Do not smoke (which can compromise the healing process)

Dr. Greenwald provides specific advice and instructions to each patient on how to prepare for the surgery and subsequent recovery process. And, if he and a patient decide against a butt lift, he can discuss possible alternatives to help the patient achieve his or her aesthetic goals.

To schedule a consultation with Dr. Greenwald at Bayshore Plastic Surgery in Tampa, FL, call 1-888-840-3199. If you’d like, you can preview a representative selection of Brazilian butt lift before and after photos in our online gallery.