Breast augmentation recovery time depends in large part on the nature of the procedure performed and the amount of physical activity required by a patient’s lifestyle and line of work. In order to ensure that a patient doesn’t inadvertently prolong her recovery, she should carefully follow the post-op instructions provided by her surgeon, and also contact her surgeon promptly if any concerns arise during the healing period. For general educational purposes, Tampa, FL, plastic surgeon Dr. Daniel Greenwald of Bayshore Plastic Surgery can provide some broad guidelines and advice on what a patient might expect in the days and weeks following breast surgery.

During the first few days of breast augmentation recovery:

  • Most patients feel tired and sore, so getting an adequate amount of rest is essential.
  • The breast skin will be adjusting to the new breast size, so there may some tightness and diminished sensation in the chest area.
  • The breasts must remain properly positioned and supported. To accomplish this, a patient might be instructed to wear a compression bandage, a postoperative bra, a sports bra, or no bra at all.

In the first few weeks of breast augmentation recovery:

  • All strenuous activities should be avoided, as well as any activities that involve the use of the chest and arms, or that could potentially raise the pulse and blood pressure.
  • The breasts could remain swollen and sensitive to touch for up to a month or longer.
  • A patient should contact her surgeon if she has any questions or experiences any problems. In general, a fever or pronounced breast swelling or redness requires immediate medical attention.

Patients in the Tampa, Florida, area who are interested in learning more about breast augmentation recovery can receive personalized advice from Dr. Greenwald. To schedule an appointment, call Bayshore Plastic Surgery at 1-888-840-3199.