In order to achieve the best possible outcome, a breast reduction procedure (reduction mammoplasty) should be fully individualized to meet a patient’s specific needs. Because overly large breasts can cause a variety of cosmetic and medical issues, breast reduction surgery is elected by women for many different reasons. Dr. Daniel Greenwald, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Tampa, Florida, performs reduction mammoplasty to address these concerns by decreasing the size of the breasts. However, his technique is very versatile, and he fine-tunes it for each patient.

When performing a breast reduction procedure, Dr. Greenwald tailors his approach to meet both the patient’s functional needs and cosmetic goals. In this way, he is able to ensure the best possible results and patient satisfaction. In customizing a treatment plan, Dr. Greenwald considers many factors, including the patient’s:

  • Physical discomfort – Dr. Greenwald will assess the amount of breast tissue that needs to be removed in order to alleviate the patient’s physical discomfort. For instance, she may be experiencing neck, back, or shoulder pain; hand numbness; breathing difficulties; sleep disruption; or headaches caused by the weight of her breasts.
  • Body proportions – Based on the patient’s aesthetic goals, Dr. Greenwald will determine the amount of remaining breast volume needed to suit her preferences.
  • Level of breast ptosis (sagging) – Depending on a woman’s anatomy, a breast reduction procedure can sometimes provide a mild-to-moderate “lift” effect by reducing breast mass (weight). However, if there is significant ptosis, a patient may need to have a breast lift procedure performed in addition to breast reduction surgery.

A common misconception is that, after a large-breasted woman has a breast reduction procedure, she will be left with very small breasts. This is not necessarily true. While a surgeon can decrease the size of a woman’s breasts as much as she desires, she can still have very full breasts after reduction mammoplasty. However, as a result of the reduction in breast mass and weight, she will likely feel more comfortable, and also experience an aesthetically pleasing “lift” effect.

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