Dr. Daniel Greenwald maintains a portfolio of ear pinning surgery before and after photos at his office in Tampa, Florida. Ear pinning, or otoplasty, is a cosmetic procedure designed to enhance the shape, position, and proportion of the ears. Of course, ears can vary significantly in appearance from one person to the next and can be enhanced in many different ways. To help prospective patients understand exactly what can be accomplished with this type of surgery, Dr. Greenwald uses his photo gallery as a point of reference during patient consultations.

Otoplasty is the most common type of cosmetic ear surgery. This procedure is performed to address the appearance of protruding ears by surgically repositioning, or “pinning,” them closer to the head. As shown in Dr. Greenwald’s ear pinning before and after photos, cosmetic ear surgery can also:

  • Reduce large ears (a condition known as macrotia)
  • Reshape the cartilage in ears that are asymmetrical or distorted in shape
  • Increase the size of very small ears
  • Reduce large or overstretched earlobes
  • Minimize large creases and wrinkles in the ear
  • Rebuild an ear to address damage that was present at birth or resulted from an injury

Dr. Greenwald emphasizes patient education, and he is dedicated to ensuring that his patients fully understand the otoplasty process, as well as the associated risks and benefits, before proceeding with a procedure. After discussing a patient’s concerns and preferences, and taking into account the patient’s anatomy and overall facial proportions, he can recommend an individualized surgical plan that is tailored to the patient’s reasonable goals. During this process, before and after photos of Dr. Greenwald’s patients can serve as a helpful discussion tool.

To schedule a consultation with Dr. Greenwald and view his ear pinning before and after photos at Bayshore Plastic Surgery in Tampa, FL, call 1-888-840-3199.