Ear pinning surgery, also known as otoplasty, is a cosmetic procedure designed to permanently alter the shape, projection, and appearance of the outer ear. While not a hearing or general health concern, ears that seem too large (macrotia) or protrude prominently from the head can have a significant impact on an individual’s overall appearance and self-esteem. Otoplasty can be a good solution for both children and adults who feel self-conscious or embarrassed about their protruding ears. Dr. Daniel Greenwald, a board-certified plastic surgeon, receives many requests for this type of surgery, which he regularly performs in the Tampa, Florida, area.

“Ear pinning” is actually a misnomer; a surgeon does not “pin” back the ears, nor is there any type of pinning involved. Instead, Dr. Greenwald recommends an individualized procedure based on the goals of a patient as discussed during a personal consultation at his office in Tampa, FL. In general, when performing ear pinning surgery to improve the appearance of a patient’s ear, Dr. Greenwald will:

  • Create an incision along the crease at the back of the ear, in the natural fold at the point where the ear meets the head
  • Lift the skin to reduce the amount of ear protrusion and reposition the ear closer to the head
  • If necessary, alter the cartilage with shallow cuts or remove a small sliver of cartilage to sculpt the ear into the desired shape
  • Close the incision with sutures

The results of ear pinning surgery are usually immediately apparent and visible as soon as the post-surgical dressings (which are applied after surgery to support the new ear shape as it heals) are removed. With the ear permanently positioned closer to the head, the surgical scars are usually well hidden behind the ear or within its natural creases.

If you’d like to discuss ear pinning surgery and take a look at some ear pinning before and after photos with Dr. Greenwald, contact Bayshore Plastic Surgery at 888-840-3199 to schedule an appointment at our office in Tampa, FL.