A labia reduction procedure might be sought by a woman in Tampa, Florida, who, for either medical or cosmetic reasons, would like to reduce the size of a large or protruding labia minora or majora (the inner and outer vaginal lips, respectively). The outer labia are lip-like layers of fatty tissue that enclose and protect the external reproductive organs, and the inner labia are delicate folds of connective tissue that cover the clitoris and vaginal opening. Labial dimensions are generally attributed to genetics or hormones, and long or asymmetrical labia can sometimes create both physical pain and psychological anguish. Labia reduction is a surgical procedure that addresses these issues through the removal of excess labial skin and tissue.

Some common reasons a woman might request a labia reduction procedure include:

  • Pain during sexual intimacy
  • Rubbing and chafing when certain types of clothing are worn
  • Discomfort when participating in various athletic activities, such as running, cycling, and horseback riding, due to excessive pressure on the labia
  • A propensity to attract moisture, which can cause odor, yeast infections, and other hygiene issues
  • An inability to wear tampons
  • Labial deformities or pigmentation changes that occurred as a result of childbirth (labia reduction can restore the size and color of the normally pink edges of the labia minora that have elongated or darkened due to hormonal changes during pregnancy)
  • Aesthetic concerns when the labia minora protrudes past the edge of a bathing suit or underwear
  • Self-consciousness that affects relationships

A labia reduction procedure might be recommended for a woman who is experiencing these types of issues. However, prior to undergoing labiaplasty, it is important for a woman to fully understand her reasons – including the emotional and psychological factors – for seeking the procedure. A knowledgeable and trusted cosmetic surgeon can help her explore her motivations and determine whether her expectations are realistic.

Women in Tampa, FL, who are interested in labia reduction are encouraged to consult with Dr. Daniel Greenwald of Bayshore Plastic Surgery. Dr. Greenwald is a highly qualified, Board Certified plastic surgeon who has extensive experience in performing labia reduction surgery and other cosmetic and reconstructive procedures.

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