With male breast reduction before and after photos, a man who is considering surgery to address overdeveloped breast tissue, or “man boobs,” can see what actual results can look like. At Bayshore Plastic Surgery in Tampa, FL, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Daniel Greenwald believes that the best outcome can be achieved when a patient knows and understands his options, and has realistic expectations. That’s why he makes his extensive portfolio available to prospective patients.

As is reflected in Dr. Greenwald’s before and after photos, enlarged male breasts (also sometimes casually referred to as “moobs” and more formally as gynecomastia) are relatively common in men of all ages, particularly those who are experiencing hormonal fluctuations during puberty or later in life. The condition can result from a number of factors, including hormonal imbalances, drug or anabolic steroid use, weight gain, and certain underlying medical conditions. During a personal consultation with Dr. Greenwald at his office in Tampa, FL, Dr. Greenwald can use the photos as a reference point to discuss a man’s concerns, check for related health issues which may need to be addressed, recommend non-surgical treatment options, and determine whether the man is a candidate for a gynecomastia procedure.

If a man decides to proceed with gynecomastia surgery, he should keep in mind that male breast reduction before and after photos are intended to show typical outcomes only; actual results can vary widely among patients for many reasons, and variables like the nature and extent of the breast tissue can influence both the procedure and the outcome. For instance, Dr. Greenwald may use different surgical techniques, such as liposuction and excision, depending on:

  • The composition of the excess breast tissue (fatty or glandular)
  • The amount of tissue to be removed (while liposuction is generally appropriate for treating small pockets of fat, a large amount of tissue may need to be excised)
  • The location of the excess tissue (fatty deposits that are situated directly under a nipple, causing the nipple to appear puffy and project outward, can sometimes be removed through an incision in the areola)

Of course, Dr. Greenwald will provide specific advice and instructions for each individual on how to prepare for the procedure, as well as what to expect both during surgery and the recovery process. He will also answer questions and manage expectations to ensure the best possible outcome.

To set up an initial appointment with Dr. Greenwald at Bayshore Plastic Surgery in Tampa, FL, call 1-888-840-3199. Prior to your consultation, you can review a representative selection of male breast reduction before and after photos in Bayshore’s online gallery.