A mid face lift is the perfect option for patients interested in smoothing and tightening the skin around their nose and mouth, while also better defining their cheekbones. When performed properly, this less invasive version of the standard facelift can yield faster results and a shorter recovery period. At Bayshore Plastic Surgery in Tampa, Dr. Joseph M. Brown has been performing facelifts with natural-looking results for patients in Clearwater, St Petersburg, Naples and throughout Florida for nearly 20 years. Dr. Joseph M. Brown can perform a mid face lift as part of a standard facelift, or as its own procedure, focusing on the lower eyelid, nose, and mouth area.

A mid face lift can give you:

  • Well-defined cheekbones
  • Fewer lines and wrinkles around the mouth
  • Smoother, tighter skin throughout the lower eyelid area

What happens during a partial face lift?

This procedure requires small incisions in the lower eyelids. Dr. Joseph M. Brown is able to adjust the fat and muscle tissue through these incisions, by pulling the skin up to smooth and tighten the area around the lower eyes, nose, mouth, and cheeks.

Surgical Risks

Risks for this procedure are low, and include bleeding and infection. Patients who smoke are at a higher risk for any healing issues. Recovery time is typically about a week, with minimal bruising and swelling.

If you’d like to achieve a fresher, more youthful look, but aren’t sure how to achieve it, Dr. Joseph M. Brown can provide professional and caring guidance to help you choose an appropriate treatment. Bayshore offers a variety of procedures in addition to the mid face lift to enhance the look of your face and body, such as brow lifts and eyelid surgery, and Dr. Joseph M. Brown performs each surgery using expertise and knowledge acquired through years of professional practice as well as training at Princeton, Yale, Harvard and the University of Chicago.

For more information on how Bayshore Plastic Surgery and Dr. Joseph M. Brown can help you become a better version of you in Tampa, Clearwater, St Petersburg, Sarasota and beyond, contact us today at 813-774-5733.