Ptosis of the eyelid is a condition that is characterized by the sagging or drooping of the upper eyelid such that it conceals a portion of the pupil. In addition to obstructing the line of vision, ptosis can create a tired, worn-out appearance, even when an individual is well rested and in good health. Repair through eyelid surgery can both improve eyesight and create a more youthful and vibrant appearance. For this, many residents of the Tampa, Florida, area turn to Dr. Daniel Greenwald of Bayshore Plastic Surgery. Dr. Greenwald brings more than two decades of cosmetic surgery experience to the operating room as well as extensive training and education from Princeton, Yale, Harvard, and the University of Chicago.

Because it can be caused by a number of factors that can affect the muscles, nerves, and skin in and around the eyelid, ptosis of the eyelid can develop in patients of any age. At his clinic in Tampa, FL, Dr. Greenwald sees patients with ptosis arising from:

  • The natural aging process – The cumulative effects of gravity, along with reduced skin elasticity, can stretch the tendon-like tissue that helps the levator muscles to lift the eyelid. Dr. Greenwald can address this issue by surgically raising the eyelid.
  • Congenital conditions – In some people, the levator muscles are naturally weak and can progressively weaken over time. Dr. Greenwald can surgically tighten the levator muscles to improve function, restore normal vision, and prevent lazy eye.
  • Facial nerve damage, muscle diseases, or local eye problems – A drooping eyelid that results from a spinal cord injury, stroke, cancer, tumor, muscle disease, or blow to the eye might stabilize or even resolve on its own after the underlying condition is addressed.

The underlying cause of ptosis of the eyelid plays a key role in determining the appropriate treatment. In some cases, eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty, can be very effective for restoring vision, improving eye function, and enhancing the appearance of the eye and face.

If you’d like to learn more, Dr. Greenwald will be pleased to evaluate your ptosis. The eyelid can droop for many reasons, some of which can be addressed through eyelid surgery, and Dr. Greenwald can determine whether you are a candidate. At that time, he will also answer any questions you might have, and show you before and after photographs. To schedule an appointment, please call Bayshore Plastic Surgery at 888-840-3199 today.