A sagging face usually develops slowly over time. If you’ve recently looked into a mirror and noticed sagging facial skin, you don’t necessarily have to resign yourself to looking older. For certain patients, a facelift or other cosmetic procedure artfully performed by Dr. Daniel Greenwald of Bayshore Plastic Surgery in Tampa, FL, can effectively restore a degree of youthful contour to and rejuvenate a sagging face.

There are many factors that can cause or contribute to a sagging face. For instance, as most people in the Tampa, Florida, area are well aware, sun exposure can accelerate the effects of the natural aging process. This and other factors, whether hereditary, environmental, lifestyle, or age-related, can involve a gradual loss of skin elasticity and firmness, leading to sagging face skin, as well as the development of:

  • Wrinkles
  • Deep creases
  • Excess fatty deposits
  • Jowls
  • A “turkey neck”
  • A double chin

Because your face is a highly visible feature, these signs of aging can have a significant effect on your overall appearance, as well as others’ perception of you. Specifically, even if you are generally happy and energetic, a sagging face can sometimes misleadingly project sadness, anger, or fatigue.

A facelift can help address some of the harmful effects of time, stress, and exposure to the elements, all of which can lead to a tired and prematurely aged facial appearance. Dr. Greenwald performs facelifts and procedures with an artistic eye and careful attention to detail. Of course, the cosmetic procedures he and other surgeons perform are just that – cosmetic surgery. As such, they cannot completely stop the aging process or drastically change your look. Nevertheless, a facelift can “turn back the clock” a bit to restore a more youthful version of you (from which the aging process will continue). Dr. Greenwald recommends, and most patients agree, that a subtle, natural-looking result is best.

If you’d like to consult with Dr. Greenwald about possible ways to treat a sagging face, he’ll be pleased to meet with you at his clinic in Tampa, FL. Dr. Greenwald can evaluate your individual needs and goals, help you determine whether a cosmetic procedure is right for you, and create a customized treatment plan to meet your aesthetic objectives. To schedule your personal consultation and to view before and after photos of Dr. Greenwald’s work, please call Bayshore Plastic Surgery at 1-888-840-3199 today.