Maybe you’ve heard this term and wondered, “what is rhinoplasty?” More commonly known as a nose job, rhinoplasty is a surgical technique that is specifically designed to enhance the appearance or function of the nasal structure. Because no two noses are alike, and patients can have widely varying goals for what they would like the surgery to accomplish, rhinoplasty is a highly customized procedure. When choosing the most appropriate surgical approach for a particular patient, a surgeon must take into account both anatomical and functional considerations. Dr. Daniel Greenwald, a Board-certified plastic surgeon at Bayshore Plastic Surgery in Tampa, Florida, works closely with each patient to explain what is possible through rhinoplasty, discuss the patient’s objectives, and determine whether the proposed goals are reasonable. If so, and if the patient opts to proceed, Dr. Greenwald will then decide on the surgical technique that will produce the best possible outcome.

Dr. Greenwald works with many patients in the Tampa, FL, area who are interested in rhinoplasty as a possible way to alter their:

  • Overall nose size
  • Nose width at the bridge
  • Nostril size and position
  • Nose profile (through the elimination of bumps, humps, and depressions on the bridge)
  • Nasal asymmetry

In addition to enhancing a patient’s facial proportions and appearance, rhinoplasty can also correct what is known as a deviated septum, a common cause of breathing impairment. To address this issue, Dr. Greenwald can surgically adjust the nasal structure to achieve better alignment of the breathing passages. In these cases, nose surgery is performed to achieve medical objectives.

Regardless of a patient’s reasons for seeking rhinoplasty, a clear understanding between the patient and surgeon is vital to a successful outcome. To enhance the communication process, Dr. Greenwald has compiled a portfolio of nose job before and after photographs, which he makes available to prospective patients at his clinic. During a personal consultation, a patient can view the portfolio to gain a better understanding of what is possible through rhinoplasty, and Dr. Greenwald can examine the patient’s nasal anatomy to determine whether or not the desired results are feasible.

Consistently named one of America’s Top Surgeons by the Consumer Research Council every year since 2009, Dr. Greenwald is respected by both his peers and patients throughout the Tampa, FL, area and beyond. Prospective patients who would like to consult with Dr. Greenwald about rhinoplasty, what is achievable through this procedure, and what rhinoplasty recovery entails, are encouraged to contact Bayshore Plastic Surgery at 888-840-3199 to schedule an appointment.