An arm lift, or brachioplasty, is a type of cosmetic surgery that reduces excess skin from the upper arm. This procedure is especially beneficial for people who have experienced dramatic weight loss or the natural sagging of under arm skin that often accompanies aging. Regardless of the cause, Dr. Daniel Greenwald of Bayshore Plastic Surgery can improve the look of your arms with an arm lift tailored to meet your needs. Dr. Greenwald received his education and training at Yale, Harvard, Princeton, and the University of Chicago, and has been performing arm lifts and other plastic surgery procedures in Tampa for more than 20 years. You can trust that he has the experience and skill to help you meet your aesthetic goals.

An arm lift from Dr. Greenwald can enhance the look of your upper arms by:

  • Making them firmer and more defined
  • Smoothing and tightening the skin
  • Creating slimmer, more attractive contours

What happens during an arm lift?

Dr. Greenwald makes incisions either on the inside of the arm or on the back of the arm. These incisions may run from the underarm area to just above the elbow. Excess skin is removed, and the underlying tissue is tightened and reshaped to form new contours. If there is excess fat in the area liposuction is sometimes used.

Surgical Concerns

Brachioplasty patients should expect some scarring, however Dr. Greenwald uses advanced surgical techniques and takes great care to minimize the appearance of scars.

If you are interested in an arm lift procedure and live in Tampa, Sarasota, Brandon, or elsewhere in Florida, contact Bayshore Plastic Surgery today at 877-873-7522 to schedule a consultation. We’ll also be happy to tell you about other procedures that can help reshape your body, such as tummy tucks, thigh lifts, and breast lifts.