Asian rhinoplasty, when performed well, requires a precise surgical technique that is specifically designed to enhance the unique Asian nasal structure, along with a general appreciation for Asian beauty. When determining the most appropriate methodology for a particular patient, a surgeon must take into account both anatomical and cultural considerations. Dr. Daniel Greenwald, an experienced cosmetic surgeon at Bayshore Plastic Surgery in Tampa, Florida, works personally with each patient who consults with him about Asian rhinoplasty to discuss the patient’s expectations and determine the targeted changes and surgical approach that will produce the best possible outcome.

In general, Asian noses tend to be smaller and wider than Caucasian noses, with lower bridges and thicker skin. A patient who seeks Asian rhinoplasty in Tampa, FL, might want to alter the appearance of his or her nose by:

  • Increasing  the definition and projection of the tip
  • Raising the bridge
  • Narrowing the nostrils
  • Augmenting the overall size

Similar to Caucasian noses, there are many different sizes and shapes of Asian noses. Regardless of a patient’s heritage, it is important that he or she have realistic ideas about what to expect after a nose job. In this regard, Asian rhinoplasty is no different than any other cosmetic procedure. To enhance communications and clarify understandings during a consultation, a patient might want to show Dr. Greenwald photographs of the type of nose he or she is seeking. Dr. Greenwald can then examine the patient’s nasal anatomy to evaluate whether or not the desired results are achievable.

Consistently named one of America’s Top Surgeons by the Consumer Research Council every year since 2009, Dr. Greenwald is respected by both his peers and by patients of all ethnicities throughout the Tampa, FL, area and beyond. Prospective patients who would like to consult with Dr. Greenwald about Asian rhinoplasty are encouraged to contact Bayshore Plastic Surgery at 877-873-7522 to schedule an appointment.