Back liposuction is a cosmetic plastic surgery procedure designed to remove small deposits of excess fat from any of several areas in the back to create a more contoured and well-balanced silhouette. For women, back liposuction can be an effective way to reduce the waistline, enhance curves, and slenderize the torso. It can also help new mothers firm up their post-pregnancy bodies. Men may be interested in back lipo to create a more streamlined, V-shaped taper from the shoulders to the waist. To find out if back liposuction is right for you, it’s important to consult with an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon. In Tampa, Florida, that surgeon is Dr. Daniel Greenwald at Bayshore Plastic Surgery.

Because the back is a fairly large body area that includes a number of sites that can be enhanced with lipo, the results of a procedure can vary dramatically from patient to patient. As Dr. Greenwald can explain more fully during a personal consultation at his office in Tampa, FL, he can perform back liposuction to address any of several common issues, including:

  • A “buffalo hump” – a concentration of back fat situated in the upper back, just below the neck
  • Posterior axillary fat – small deposits of fat that have accumulated on the sides of the upper back, below the shoulders, and near the armpits
  • Infra scapular fat (flanks) – excess fatty tissue that has settled near sides of the middle back, below the shoulder blades, and underneath the bra strap
  • Posterior waist fat (“love handles”) – an accumulation of fat above and behind the hip bones
  • A lumbo-sacral fat pad – back fat in the middle of the lower back, above the tailbone

Many people find that back fat is very stubborn and difficult to lose, even with proper nutrition and regular exercise. Because back liposuction is intended to treat very small pockets of fat, even a relatively fit individual can be a good candidate. In fact, because lipo results can be affected by future weight fluctuations, Dr. Greenwald generally recommends back liposuction only for people who have achieved and maintain a healthy, stable body weight.

If you would like to meet with Dr. Greenwald to learn more about back liposuction, you can contact Bayshore Plastic Surgery at 877-873-7522 to schedule an appointment at his office in Tampa, FL.