A Brazilian butt lift and the placement of butt implants are two buttocks augmentation procedures that can address naturally flat or sagging buttocks, as well as the loss of skin elasticity and volume that can affect the gluteal region as a result of aging, pregnancy, genetics, weight loss, or weight gain. However, each procedure takes a different approach to address these issues, and an individual in Tampa, FL, who is a candidate for a Brazilian butt lift may not necessarily be a good candidate for butt implants and vice versa.

Candidates for Brazilian Buttocks Lift

A Brazilian butt lift is a fat transfer procedure that can create an improved shape and contour to the buttocks, particularly for women who desire a more voluptuous silhouette. To achieve this, the procedure involves multiple, strategically placed buttocks injections of a patient’s own fat, which is procured via liposuction from other areas of the body – typically the thighs, waist, lower back, and abdomen. As a result, the best candidates for Brazilian buttocks lifts are patients who:

  • Have buttocks that lack a defined shape but that aren’t sagging or flat
  • Have ample amounts of existing fat tissue for transfer but are at a healthy, stable weight
  • Exhibit sufficient skin elasticity in the areas to be treated with liposuction
  • Are in good health
  • Have reasonable expectations for the outcome

To maintain the appearance of a Brazilian butt lift, additional fat transfer injections may be required in the future as fat from the original procedure is absorbed back into the body. Weight gain and weight loss can also alter the original results.

Candidates for Buttocks Implants

Butt implant surgery involves the placement of semi-solid silicone implants to improve the size of buttocks and provide a more uplifted appearance. To achieve this, implants are surgically placed in pockets created above or below the gluteal muscles, and are positioned to create a symmetrical and proportionate buttocks.

Unlike a Brazilian butt lift, butt implants will simply increase the size and volume of the buttocks and may not necessarily address the overall proportions and shape of the gluteal region. As a result, the best candidates for butt implants are patients who:

  • Have sagging buttocks that lack fullness
  • Have a thin body type as compared to Brazilian butt lift candidates, but have maintained a healthy, stable weight
  • Are in good health
  • Have reasonable expectations for the outcome

For the best results, the proper positioning of gluteal implants is crucial, as poor placement increases the risks of implant shifting. In some cases, a fat transfer procedure may also be performed to provide additional contouring to the buttocks.

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