Breast augmentation is an excellent solution for women seeking a fuller bust line and increased volume. This form of plastic surgery enlarges the breasts through the use of liquid-filled implants. At Bayshore Plastic Surgery we approach breast enlargement procedures with an emphasis on natural, well-proportioned results for our patients from Tampa, Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Sarasota, Naples, and elsewhere in Florida. Our cosmetic surgeon Dr. Daniel Greenwald, who was educated and trained at Princeton, Yale, and the University of Chicago, helps patients achieve this goal with valuable insights gained during more than two decades in the operating room. Dr. Greenwald is one of the most reputable breast augmentation surgeons in the area. His experience aids patients in making sound choices when determining the desired size and shape of their enhanced busts, and it’s also invaluable during surgery where his skill and artistry truly shine through.

A well-performed breast augmentation surgery can enhance your natural shape and help you achieve a variety of goals, including:

  • Increased breast size
  • Restored breast size, firmness, and shape after pregnancy or weight loss
  • Improved symmetry of breasts

Breast Anatomy

Female breasts are skin organs that develop their shape based on the balance that exists between the volume of the breast tissue and the skin that envelops the tissue. When there is too much skin or too little breast tissue, your breasts can droop. Luckily breast augmentation surgery can help improve this condition.

How is Breast Augmentation Performed?

At Bayshore Plastic Surgery in Tampa, surgery for breast implants begins with the creation of a pocket behind each breast. During a breast augmentation procedure, Dr. Greenwald  places a silicone or saline implant in each pocket through a small incision made at the armpit, around the lower edge of the areola, or underneath the breast just above the crease.

Most breast augmentation surgery patients choose the incision under their breasts, although women with larger areolae may do well with the areola incision, and women with smaller rib cages can safely choose the armpit approach. The breast implants can be placed above or below the chest muscle, depending on your body type.

Surgical Concerns

It is possible for some women to experience bleeding, infection, asymmetry, and capsular contracture after breast implant surgery. Women with a family history of breast disease should consider an under-the-muscle implant, and seek a specialist in the Tampa Bay area who can read mammograms post-breast augmentation.

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