To address the physical changes that result from breast cancer surgery, many women choose to have a reconstructive procedure performed either during the same surgical session as a mastectomy (immediate reconstruction) or several weeks, months, or years later (delayed reconstruction). Because reconstructive breast surgery is never medically necessary, the choice of whether or not to have it is usually entirely up to the patient (there is an exception if a patient requires follow-up radiation therapy, in which case if she elects reconstructive surgery, it won’t be scheduled until her treatment is completed). Regardless of the timing, however, federal law requires health insurers to provide coverage for breast reconstruction surgery after mastectomy in all cases.

Deciding to undergo any type of elective surgery is a big step, and a woman should never be pressured into making a decision if she does not feel ready. With extensive experience in performing both breast cancer surgery and reconstructive procedures, along with a caring and compassionate demeanor, Dr. Daniel Greenwald is a board-certified plastic surgeon in Tampa, Florida, who has the qualifications necessary to help a woman make the best possible surgical breast cancer treatment decisions. Many women also turn to him for corrective surgery because they are displeased with the results of a reconstructive procedure performed by another surgeon.

As Dr. Greenwald can explain more fully during a personal consultation at his office in Tampa, FL, there are some advantages to having breast reconstruction surgery performed immediately after breast cancer surgery. For instance:

  • Fewer surgical procedures, hospitalizations, and recoveries will typically be required.
  • Mastectomy scar contracture after breast cancer surgery can be avoided, which can ease the healing process and increase the likelihood of an optimal cosmetic outcome.
  • A woman can leave the surgery center with some fullness in her breast area, which will allow her to maintain some degree of breast symmetry and more comfortably wear her regular clothing, which can provide psychological benefits.

If you are thinking about having reconstructive breast surgery, you are encouraged to discuss it with Dr. Greenwald before you have breast cancer surgery, if possible. This will allow him to recommend the most comprehensive treatment plan for you, even if you prefer to wait and have your reconstruction surgery performed at a later time.

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