A good breast implant surgeon will educate patients about the breast augmentation procedure and the many factors that affect the outcome of the surgery. One of the more important factors to discuss is implant size.

Women choose to undergo breast augmentation to increase breast size, gain a more proportionate figure, improve symmetry, and/or restore firmness and fullness after weight loss, nursing, or pregnancy. This wide variety of reasons can make choosing implant size a highly subjective process. A breast implant surgeon can assist a patient in her decision process by first evaluating her body type and lifestyle. For example, a surgeon might encourage a physically active patient to consider whether large breasts may hinder certain activities, such as running or yoga. The surgeon will also likely discuss proportion with the patient, and suggest an implant size that will best complement her build.

A breast augmentation surgeon can also review photos to better understand a patient’s desired breast shape and size, although an exact match cannot be guaranteed. Likewise, determining the actual final cup size may be inexact. Cup size can vary based on how much breast tissue is already present, how tight or loose a patient wears a bra, and what type of bra she wears.

Ultimately, a patient makes the final decision about her breast implant size, but a surgeon can guide her toward a choice that will produce the results she wants from the surgery. For nearly two decades, patients in the Tampa Bay area have relied on the expertise and guidance of Board Certified Dr. Daniel Greenwald of Bayshore Plastic Surgery. Dr. Greenwald has a wealth of experience performing breast augmentation surgery and provides his patients with the information they need to make educated decisions.

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