Breast implants are saline- or silicone-filled devices used in breast augmentation procedures. Women in Tampa, FL, typically choose to undergo breast augmentation to correct breast asymmetries and disproportions as they relate to the chest wall and the entire body, or to address lost fullness and volume due to mastectomy, pregnancy, breastfeeding, aging, and/or weight loss.

As a leading breast surgeon in the Tampa Bay area, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Daniel Greenwald of Bayshore Plastic Surgery can help address these common issues. Dr. Greenwald has more than two decades of experience performing breast augmentations and focuses on providing his patients with the most natural-looking and proportionate results.

What are Some Considerations Regarding Breast Implants?

Prior to surgically placing breast implants in a patient, Dr. Greenwald will discuss with her a number of decisions that they must make together based on her body type, existing breast tissue, lifestyle, and desired outcome. These decisions include:

  • Whether to use a saline or silicone implant (Dr. Greenwald typically recommends silicone implants to his patients.)
  • Which implant size and profile (projection from the chest wall) will provide the most proportionate results
  • Whether the incision will be made in the inframammary fold (the breast crease), around the areola, or in the underarm area
  • Whether the implants will be placed just behind the breast and above the chest muscle (subglandular placement), completely beneath the muscle (submuscular), or partially beneath the muscle (subpectoral)

Surgical Concerns

Complications following the surgical placement of breast implants, though rare, can include infection, bleeding, asymmetry, and capsular contracture.

Patients in Tampa, Florida, who would like to learn more about breast implants can contact Bayshore Plastic Surgery today at 877-873-7522. Dr. Greenwald is happy to provide you with a consultation to determine whether breast augmentation or any other cosmetic procedures could help you reach your aesthetic goals.