While breast augmentation is an excellent option for women seeking to increase their bust size, there is another viable solution for those looking to regain fullness and shape without an implant: a breast lift. In Tampa, Dr. Daniel Greenwald of Bayshore Plastic Surgery has been performing this surgery since 1998, providing his patients with natural-looking results and excellent patient care.

Breast lift operations, also known as a mastopexy procedures, are well-suited for patients who:

  • experienced a change in their shape after pregnancy and nursing
  • lost volume and skin elasticity as they aged.
  • have experienced hormone changes
  • lost a large amount of weight

What happens during a breast lift procedure?

At Bayshore Plastic Surgery in Tampa, a breast lift procedure employs the removal of excess skin around the breast to improve the contours and shape of the bust. This procedure comes with a high potential for scarring, but Dr. Greenwald’s extensive experience in cosmetic surgery and reconstructive plastic surgery has provided him with the skills necessary to minimize the appearance of unavoidable scars.

One way he reduces scarring is by using the doughnut technique during a breast lift surgery. When using this method Dr. Greenwald removes the circle of skin that surrounds the nipple, which effectively confines the surgery scar to the areolar region of the breasts where the skin is darker. He sometimes utilizes the Tailor-tack method as well, which allows him to see the potential results before an excess breast tissue is removed. To do this he molds the breast and applies temporary sutures to achieve the ideal shape. Then, the sutures are removed and only the skin that was folded is eliminated.

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