Breast reduction is a surgical procedure that can reduce the size of your breasts. You might be interested in this type of surgery (reduction mammoplasty) for cosmetic reasons. For instance, you may want to have your breasts reshaped so that they will be more in proportion with the rest of your body. Breast reduction surgery can also be performed to address medical issues caused by overly large breasts, such as physical discomfort. If you’d like to find out if you’re a candidate, Dr. Daniel Greenwald at Bayshore Plastic Surgery can help. A board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Greenwald has been performing breast reduction surgery in Tampa, Florida, for more than two decades, and he is trusted and respected by patients throughout the area.

Even though breast reduction is relatively commonplace, it is not right for every woman who has concerns that the surgery is designed to address. Dr. Greenwald can meet with you at his office in Tampa, FL, to have an in-depth discussion, perform a physical examination, verify that your surgical goals are realistic, and confirm that you are healthy enough for surgery.

While every patient is unique, you may be a good candidate for breast reduction surgery if you are physically and mentally healthy, do not smoke, and:

  • Feel that your breasts are too large for your body
  • Have difficulties participating in certain physical activities or sleeping due to your breast size
  • Regularly experience pain in your neck, back, or shoulders; numbness in your hands and fingers; shortness of breath; or headaches caused by excess weight carried in your chest
  • Often develop skin irritations underneath your breasts

Keep in mind that, while breast reduction surgery involves the removal of excess fat, glandular tissue, and skin, the end result is not necessarily small breasts. The benefits of this type of procedure are achieved not only from a reduction in breast mass (weight), but also from the resulting “lift” effect. In other words, you can still have large breasts after surgery, but you will feel more comfortable because your breasts will be better proportioned, and not simply “hang” from your body frame.

To learn more about breast reduction surgery and find out if you are a candidate, call Bayshore Plastic Surgery in Tampa, FL, at 888-840-3199.