Breast reduction can provide relief from back pain, an improved posture, a smoother silhouette and many other benefits for women with large, out-of-proportion breasts. At Bayshore Plastic Surgery in Tampa, our plastic surgeon Dr. Daniel Greenwald conducts expert breast reduction operations with the skilled artistry one only achieves with more than two decades of experience.

While many plastic surgery centers in Tampa, Clearwater, Naples, Sarasota, St Petersburg and elsewhere in Florida can provide you with breast reduction surgery, none can match Bayshore’s unyielding commitment to patient care. Dr. Greenwald’s staff is diligent about addressing all of your concerns from your first consultation to your final after-care visit and beyond. That ensures that you get the results you’re seeking, including:

  • well shaped, contoured, and positioned breasts that are properly proportioned to your body
  • increased ability and confidence to exercise
  • reduced back, neck, or shoulder pain
  • elimination of breast sagging, low nipples and areolas
  • elimination of shoulder indentations caused by tight bra straps
  • elimination of numbness and tingling in the hands
  • skin irritation under your breasts

What happens during breast reduction procedure?

Dr. Greenwald in Tampa, FL, may begin your breast reduction plastic surgery by eliminating excess tissue and tailoring the skin. This involves creating your ideal breast shape by folding the breast and placing temporary sutures through the skin. Once the shape is formed, the temporary sutures are removed and only the folded skin is detached. The same process can be performed during a breast lift or mastopexy operation.

The most common breast reduction procedure that your plastic surgeon may use consists of three incisions: one around the nipple area, another vertically from the bottom of the areola to the crease beneath the breast, and the last horizontally within the breast crease. Dr. Greenwald will remove any excess fat, breast tissue, and skin, and then reposition your areola so your breasts look anatomically correct. Liposuction may also be used to help create your new breast shape.

Surgical Concerns

This procedure may lead to bleeding, infection, wound healing complications, or a temporary change in your nipple sensation.

Contact Bayshore Plastic Surgery today at 877-873-7522 for more information on our breast reduction procedure or breast augmentation. We are here to help you become a better version of you, whether you’re in Tampa, St Petersburg, Clearwater, Naples, Sarasota, Florida, or beyond.