A great breast surgeon helps patients consider each factor that affects the outcome of breast implant augmentation. One of these factors is implant placement, which can affect the shape and positioning of the breasts.

A breast surgeon places implants above or below the pectoral muscle, depending on a patient’s body type, lifestyle, amount of current breast tissue, and desired volume increase. Placement above the muscle (subglandular) situates implants behind the breast glands, creating a high, round shape. Patients often experience less post-operative pain after above-the-muscle placement because the musculature is not disturbed. However, there is a higher chance that implants will obstruct a mammogram. For this reason, a breast surgeon may recommend that a patient with a high risk for breast diseases have her implants placed beneath the muscle.

Placement under the muscle (submuscular) offers greater upper pole fullness as the breast tissue is pushed upward, but may look less natural. Submuscular placement typically lowers implant visibility through the skin. As noted, a patient may also experience more post-operative discomfort after a submuscular surgery.

Depending on a woman’s anatomy and her desired end result, implant placement half under and half over the muscle is an effective method to help lift breast tissue while maintaining a natural fullness.

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