Facial feminization is an increasingly popular form of plastic surgery that reshapes the facial structure, focusing on features that are traditionally considered to be masculine. Dr. Daniel Greenwald is a board-certified plastic surgeon who offers facial feminization procedures in the Tampa, FL, area. By performing facial feminization surgery, Dr. Greenwald has helped many transsexual and transgender individuals achieve a more sculpted, feminine facial appearance. The procedures may be appropriate for anyone who would like to appear more feminine, regardless of whether they were born male or female.

As Dr. Greenwald can explain more fully during a personal facial feminization consultation at his office in Tampa, FL, there is no single facial feature that makes a person look like a man or a woman; instead, it is the combined effect of the various features that characterizes the face. For instance, the following are some basic differences between male and female faces that an individual may wish to address with facial feminization surgery:

  • Forehead – Facial feminization surgery can address the bone ridge that runs across the forehead (brow bossing), which is usually more pronounced in males than in females. Female foreheads are typically more rounded with a fairly flat front.
  • Cheeks – As compared to male cheeks, female cheeks tend to be rounder and fuller, with higher and more pronounced cheekbones. Men often have flatter cheekbones and, because they tend to have less facial fat, may have the appearance of “hollow” cheeks.
  • Eyebrows – Male eyebrows are often straight and thick, situated on or slightly below the orbital rim. Female eyebrows are generally more arched and positioned slightly higher.
  • Eyes – Together, the overall shape of the female forehead and cheek bones can accentuate the eyes, and this combination of bone shapes is often considered to be both feminine and attractive.
  • Nose – In comparison to typical male noses, a “classic” female nose has a narrower bridge and smaller nostrils, with a profile that points slightly upward.
  • Chin – Male chins are usually wide with a flat base and two corners that form a square shape, while female chins tend to be more rounded.
  • Jaw – The male jawbone is usually heavy and wide due to the underlying muscles, which are naturally larger in men. While the female jaw line tends to gently curve from the earlobe to the chin, the male jaw line tends to drop straight from the ear and turn at a sharp angle toward the chin. Facial feminization surgery can help round out this naturally square appearance.
  • Adam’s apple – In males, the Adam’s apple is usually very prominent; in females, it is rarely visible.

To learn more about facial feminization surgery and the features it can address, determine the best approach for you, and discuss the costs involved (most insurance plans do not cover face feminization procedures), call Bayshore Plastic Surgery at 1-877-873-7522 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Greenwald at his office in Tampa, FL.