Liposuction recovery can be an uncomfortable process, but by learning more about what to expect, as well as important tips for proper healing, you can help make your recovery less difficult.  First, it is highly recommended that patients have someone drive them home following the surgery and that they get as much rest as possible for the next few days. Though most people have little trouble walking or moving after a liposuction procedure, soreness should be expected. Within a week of recovery, liposuction patients will see less bruising and swelling and can typically resume normal activities.

In order to ensure proper contouring, patients are instructed to wear customized compression garments for the first several days or weeks following surgery. After the first few weeks of liposuction recovery, the swelling will decrease and the skin will tighten around the treated area, but the exact timeline for complete recovery will vary from patient to patient. Factors like age or genetics can result in longer or shorter recovery times.  Your surgeon will most likely schedule follow-up appointments to monitor your liposuction recovery, and most doctors will also encourage you to maintain a healthy diet and exercise regime after recovery in order to maintain the improved appearance of your body’s silhouette.

In addition to traditional liposuction, there are various other procedures available to enhance the shape and contours of your physique. Several of these, including tumescent liposuction, body lifts, and tummy tucks, are available at Bayshore Plastic Surgery. The practice’s surgeon, Dr. Daniel Greenwald, has decades of experience with each of these procedures, yielding successful, attractive results.

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