A MACS lift, or minimal access cranial suspension lift, offers many of the same results as a traditional face lift, but with less scarring and a shorter recovery period. When performing a conventional facelift, plastic surgeons make incisions near the ears and around the hairline, and then tighten the skin and underlying muscles to help reduce signs of aging such as wrinkles, fine lines, and loose or sagging skin.

Like a traditional face lift, a MACS lift can also give you a more youthful looking appearance, but the incisions are generally easier to hide and are not as deep. Additionally, less skin tissue is disturbed, which reduces risks of bleeding and infection and also minimizes post-operative bruising, swelling, and scarring.

During a MACS lift, the plastic surgeon makes a short, shallow incision near the crease of the ear and, in some cases, may also make similar incisions close to the hairline. The skin and muscle is then gently lifted to tighten and smooth the surface.

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