Male breast reduction surgery can address a medical condition known as gynecomastia, which can cause a man’s breasts to become overdeveloped and enlarged. Men in the Tampa, FL, area who are interested in gynecomastia treatment can consult with Dr. Daniel Greenwald, a board-certified plastic surgeon at Bayshore Plastic Surgery. Having performed liposuction and other forms of cosmetic plastic surgery for more than 20 years, Dr. Greenwald has extensive experience and refined skills. His expertise in treating gynecomastia is highly sought after in Tampa and throughout Florida.

Gynecomastia occurs when an excess amount of fatty tissue, fibrous glandular tissue (“true” breast tissue), or both accumulate in a man’s breast. In addition to aesthetic concerns, the condition can cause breast swelling and tenderness. Sometimes, gynecomastia will improve on its own or after weight loss. However, if the condition persists, surgical treatment may be an option. While excess fatty tissue can sometimes be reduced with liposuction, true breast tissue is usually best addressed with breast reduction surgery.

In general, a good candidate for male breast reduction surgery:

  • Has gynecomastia in one or both breasts
  • Is age 18 or older with breasts that are fully developed
  • Maintains a stable body weight
  • Has good skin elasticity
  • Is physically and mentally healthy
  • Has realistic expectations

Prior to recommending male breast reduction surgery, Dr. Greenwald will meet with a candidate at his office in Tampa, FL, to perform a physical examination and gather a complete medical history. He will also check for certain medical conditions and medications that may have caused the gynecomastia, such as impaired liver function, anabolic steroids, or drugs that contain estrogen. Smoking marijuana and drinking alcoholic beverages have also been linked to breast enlargement in males. By addressing underlying causes like these, it may be possible to achieve sufficient results without surgery. Additionally, underlying causes that are not addressed prior to surgery could result in the continuing development of excess breast tissue afterward.

Men in the Tampa, FL, area who would like to discuss male breast reduction surgery with Dr. Greenwald can contact Bayshore Plastic Surgery at 888-840-3199 to set up an appointment.