If you’re looking to improve your skin’s tone, texture, and glow with a non-invasive treatment, the answer might be NIA 24. In Tampa, this company’s complete product line is available at Bayshore Plastic Surgery.

Formulated to prevent future skin damage, as well as repair existing damage, NIA 24 provides a 24-hour release of the active form of niacin, NAD. Once inside your skin cells, NAD enhances epidermal renewal and cell generation. When you incorporate NIA 24 products into your daily beauty regimen, your skin becomes stronger and signs of aging, including hyperpigmentation, are diminished.

Of course, every person’s skin is different, and to achieve the level of rejuvenation you’re looking for, you might need something other than NIA 24. Tampa esthetician Abigail Egolf may be able to help. Based at Bayshore Plastic Surgery, she offers a wide array of all natural skin products and treatments including customized facial peels and enzyme exfoliations. Our facility also offers procedures that can produce even more dramatic results.  Dr. Daniel Greenwald, Bayshore’s Board Certified plastic surgeon, has more than 20 years of experience performing facelift and necklift surgeries, as well as a variety of other procedures that decrease the signs of aging and restore youthfulness.

Contact us today at 877-873-7522 for more information on any of our procedures or products, including NIA 24. We serve patients from Tampa, St Petersburg, Clearwater, Naples, and across the region.