Nose surgery, or rhinoplasty, is a type of plastic surgery designed to enhance the appearance or function of a patient’s nasal structure. The surgical technique utilized must be fully customized for two main reasons: first, no two noses are exactly alike, and second, individuals can have wide-ranging aesthetic preferences and goals for what they would like to accomplish with nose surgery.

Because a high level of customization is required to achieve an optimal outcome, it’s important for a patient to work with an experienced and trusted surgeon. At Bayshore Plastic Surgery in Tampa, Florida, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Daniel Greenwald has been performing rhinoplasty procedures for more than two decades. He works closely with each prospective patient to foster the clear doctor-patient communication that is necessary to achieve the best possible surgical result from nose surgery.

Following an in-depth consultation with a patient at his office in Tampa, FL, Dr. Greenwald may perform nose surgery to address a number of functional and cosmetic issues, including:

  • A deviated septum that is causing breathing problems, snoring, or sleep apnea
  • A dorsal hump (bump on the nasal bridge)
  • Nasal asymmetry or crookedness
  • A bulbous or undefined nasal tip
  • A nose that the patient perceives to be either too large or too small
  • A wide nasal bridge

While there is no upper age limit for nose surgery, Dr. Greenwald frequently performs rhinoplasty procedures for young adults who have been bothered by one or more aspects of their nasal appearance or function for several years, and for older adults who are displeased with age-related changes in their nasal structures. Before recommending a rhinoplasty procedure, Dr. Greenwald will first ensure that the patient is generally healthy, does not smoke, and has realistic expectations. It is also very important for a patient to fully understand – and be willing to perform – all of Dr. Greenwald’s pre- and post-operative instructions.

To help prospective patients make well-informed treatment decisions, Dr. Greenwald has put together a portfolio of photographs taken of his patients before and after nose surgery. While reviewing these images with a patient, he can answer questions and ensure that he and the patient are on the same page with regard to what the patient hopes to accomplish with nose surgery.

Consistently named one of America’s Top Surgeons by the Consumer Research Council every year since 2009, Dr. Greenwald is highly regarded throughout the Tampa, FL, area and beyond. Individuals who would like to talk with him about nose surgery can call Bayshore Plastic Surgery at 877-873-7522 to schedule an appointment.