Pectoral implants can be a great solution for men seeking a well-muscled upper body that’s more in proportion with the rest of their frame. At Bayshore Plastic Surgery in Tampa, we’ve used them to help fill out chests that haven’t responded to weight training and other forms of exercise, and we’ve also achieved great results utilizing them in chest reconstruction for patients living with pectus excavatum, pectoralis muscle tears, and Poland syndrome.

Key to our success is the skill and artistry of our plastic surgeon, Dr. Daniel Greenwald, who is helped his male patients achieve their desired appearances with pectoral implants, chest reduction and other procedures through the years. He uses his years of experience in plastic surgery to choose the right size and shape pectoral implants for each patient, and to place them perfectly during surgery. The result is an extremely natural look. It’s important to note that pectoral implants are made differently than the liquid-filled implants women get. They are constructed from solid silicone elastomer to mimic the dense muscle men generally develop.

What happens during plastic surgery involving pectoral implants?

Local or general anesthesia is administered and when it takes effect, a 5-to-6-inch ā€œSā€ shaped incision is created along the underarm through to the upper pectoral muscle. A pocket is formed to accommodate the pectoral implant comfortably. The implant is inserted, a drain is placed at the surgery site to aid in healing and the rest of the incision is closed. The drain is removed in about one week.

Surgical Concerns

Asymmetry, development of seroma, which is the accumulation of clear fluid under the incision, infections, and hematomas are all possible complications that can follow the procedure. Patients can generally return to their normal activities in six weeks.

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