Penile enhancement can be achieved without the need for surgery – and all of the risks that go along with a highly invasive procedure. Dr. Daniel Greenwald, an experienced cosmetic surgeon at Bayshore Plastic Surgery, has developed a safe and effective penile enhancement technique using soft tissue fillers to enhance the girth of the penis.

Commonly utilized to diminish lines, wrinkles, skin laxity, and other signs of aging in the face and other areas of the body, injectable dermal fillers can instantly add volume and lift, provide structure under the skin, and stimulate the body to produce collagen. A highly skilled cosmetic surgeon who is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, Dr. Greenwald has achieved good results when using dermal fillers for penile enhancement and, unlike surgical procedures that can produce scarring and change the angle of the penis, this male enhancement technique involves minimal risk of complications.

The following are some of the advantages of penile enhancement with cosmetic dermal fillers as compared to surgery:

  • The procedure is simple, straightforward, painless, well tolerated, performed in Dr. Greenwald’s office, and completed in minutes
  • The girth of the penis can be increased by up to 20 percent after one treatment (if additional girth is desired, further treatments can be scheduled)
  • While injectable dermal fillers will not increase the length of the penis, this penile enhancement technique can create a longer appearance when the penis is not erect
  • The natural-looking results can last up to two years
  • This approach is compatible with a penile prosthesis and can provide extra comfort and padding around the device

In addition to his innovative penile enhancement technique, Dr. Greenwald has more than two decades of cosmetic surgery and reconstructive plastic surgery experience, as well as training and education from renowned institutions like Princeton, Yale, Harvard, and the University of Chicago. Over the years, he’s received numerous accolades, including being named one of America’s Top Surgeons by the Consumer Research Council every year since 2009.

Men who would like to consult with Dr. Greenwald about penile enhancement with dermal fillers are encouraged to contact Bayshore Plastic Surgery at 877-873-7522.