Teenagers may want plastic surgery procedures for any number of reasons, but it’s important to examine their motivations to ensure that it’s a healthy choice. In fact, plastic surgery professionals generally require that a patient be in a healthy state of mind and have realistic expectations before undergoing a cosmetic procedure. The best way to determine whether your teenager is an appropriate candidate for any procedure is to consult a reputable plastic surgeon.

When assessing teenage candidates for plastic surgery procedures an experienced cosmetic surgeon will consider:

  • Emotional maturity – Teens who exhibit erratic behavior, mood swings, or signs of depression may not be ready to make decisions about a surgery that will yield permanent results.
  • Physical maturity – Physical growth can continue well into the teenage years and some procedures may not be needed once the body is fully developed. For example, a surgeon may not recommend breast enhancement for your daughter if she has not completed physical development because her mature breast size might meet her expectations.
  • Expectations – It is important for a plastic surgeon to establish what your teen believes cosmetic surgery will accomplish. It may have a positive effect on self image, but could fall short of solving emotional or social issues.

Teens who have certain medical issues may be more suitable candidates for plastic surgery procedures. For example, if your daughter has large breasts that physically hinder her from activities a plastic surgeon may approve a breast reduction procedure. If your son has lost significant amounts of weight, but wants plastic surgery to remove excess skin, an upper and/or lower body lift may be warranted.

If you are wondering whether your teenager is a good candidate for plastic surgery, Board Certified Dr. Daniel Greenwald of Bayshore Plastic Surgery can help. For nearly two decades, Dr. Greenwald has helped guide and educate residents of the Tampa Bay area about the benefits and risks of various cosmetic alterations and has performed countless plastic surgery procedures.

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