A rhinoplasty procedure is usually intended to enhance the shape or function of the nose. For instance, many people in the Tampa, FL, area have nose jobs because they want to reduce a prominent tip or large hump. Others are interested in changing their nasal proportions to improve the overall harmony of their facial features. Still others want to address a deviated septum that is causing breathing problems or sleep disruption.

When performed by an experienced, board-certified surgeon like Dr. Daniel Greenwald of Bayshore Plastic Surgery in Tampa, Florida, a rhinoplasty procedure can help a patient achieve his or her reasonable objectives. However, it’s important to keep in mind that individuals can vary significantly in terms of their anatomies, aesthetic preferences, healing capacities, and physical and psychological responses to surgery. Additionally, the nasal architecture can be altered only to a certain extent. For these reasons, the outcome of a rhinoplasty procedure is never completely predictable, so it is essential for a patient to have realistic expectations.

Usually, the final result of a rhinoplasty procedure will not be apparent until the healing process is complete, which in some cases can take up to a year or more. That’s because the nose (and particularly its tip) tends to hold onto swelling much longer than other areas of the body. Additionally, surgery (and any trauma to the nose that occurs during the healing period) can sometimes result in complications that do not resolve on their own. For instance, some complications that may require further surgery after an initial rhinoplasty procedure include:

  • Disproportion or asymmetry of the nasal skin, cartilage, or bones
  • Over rounding of the nasal tip
  • Over reduction
  • An unnatural appearance
  • Nasal obstruction
  • Perforation of the nasal septum

The “success” of any type of cosmetic surgery is largely subjective. Even so, no procedure can be expected to achieve anyone’s idea of perfection. If you’re unhappy with the results of a prior rhinoplasty procedure, you may be interested in knowing that Dr. Greenwald is well-known for his ability to correct undesirable surgical outcomes through expert revision rhinoplasty. His goal is to achieve a result that is pleasing, well-proportioned, and natural-looking.

If you’d like to talk with Dr. Greenwald about a rhinoplasty procedure or revision surgery, please contact Bayshore Plastic Surgery at 877-873-7522 to schedule a personal consultation at his office in Tampa, FL.