If you are considering rhinoplasty, you’ve probably seen references to open and closed procedures in your research and wondered what they were. The best place to get answers on all of your surgical questions is from your plastic surgeon in Tampa, St Petersburg, Clearwater, Naples, Sarasota, or wherever you live. But in the meantime, here is some basic information on the two approaches to rhinoplasty, also commonly called a nose job.

A closed procedure is preferred by some because it creates no scarring. This is achieved by making surgical incisions inside the nose. However, it can be a more challenging procedure for plastic surgeons because they perform it by feel under the skin, without visual access to the bone and cartilage they are removing or reshaping. The best candidates for closed rhinoplasty need only small modifications to their nose.

Open rhinoplasty is used to correct larger structural imperfections and breathing issues. For this procedure, the plastic surgeon must make incisions inside the nose as well as on the columella, which is the ridge of tissue between the nostrils. The skin is lifted, and the surgeon works with a clear view of the bone, cartilage, and other tissue comprising the bridge of the nose and the nostrils. Advances in this procedure have minimized the amount of scarring that it causes. In some cases, closed rhinoplasty causes no scarring. In addition to open and closed techniques, your plastic surgeon may have to use other methods to achieve optimum results. Make sure to ask about the entire procedure in detail during your preoperative appointment.

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