Rhinoplasty, or nose reshaping, balances facial proportions by changing the shape and appearance of the nose. The procedure is commonly performed to alter the nostrils, tip of the nose, or nasal bridge. Since rhinoplasty surgery is different for every patient, the recovery experience also varies.

Generally, a cosmetic surgeon places a nasal splint on the bridge of the nose and packing inside the nostrils following surgery to protect and hold the nasal tissue in place while healing. These items, along with stitches, are generally removed three to seven days post operation.

Most patients can expect bruising near the eyes and cheeks in the first few days after the nose reshaping procedure, but it typically fades within one week. Swelling is also common in the weeks following surgery, but it can be minimized by restricting activities and sleeping with the head elevated. Patients can usually return to work 10 days after surgery and can resume normal activities like exercising after a few weeks. Overall, patients should expect full recovery from rhinoplasty to take up to one year.

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